We are pleased to inform our associate companies that for 2023, FRUITIMPRESE and CONAI have signed an agreement that provides significant advantages to member companies in the management of exported and imported packaging.

We would like to remind you that our Association is the only one in the sector that has signed three types of agreements with CONAI, covering:

  • Exemption declarations for exported packaging;
  • Import declarations for full packaging;
  • Import-export offset declarations for full packaging.

In recent years, the increasing use of automated verification systems by CONAI and the relatively frequent changes in the environmental contribution amounts for individual materials have gradually complicated the process of compiling exemption declarations.

For this reason, FRUITIMPRESE offers its members a service to review and submit declarations, taking care of the compilation on behalf of the members.

Our offices are available for any clarification and explanation, noting that the cost of the service is €200 + VAT per declaration.

We remind you that the deadline for submitting export declarations is the last working day of February. Declarations received after this date but within the following month will incur a 25% reduction in the eligible refund.