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Companies Italian Fruit Growers Association from 1949

Who we are

Set up in 1935, in 1949 it took the form of Association under the name of ANEIOA. After 60 years of activity, it still plays a major and fundamental role in the enhancement of the development of import-export companies of a sector that over the years has strongly contributed to the success of “Made in Italy” in the world. In December 2008 it took the name of FRUTIMPRESE.


The continuous growth of new markets, globalisation, the changes in the geopolitical framework and the attention paid to quality and health have contributed to the increase in competitiveness among the different players of the market. FRUITIMPRESE works with the companies to support and favour their development in this period of continuous evolution. FRUITIMPRESE wants to be a point of reference for all its partners. Collaboration and solidarity are the key values of the association.


17  FEB

Import-Export of fruit and vegetables in Italy in first 11 months of 2020-21

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18  GEN

Import-Export of fruit and vegetables in Italy in first 10 months of 2020-2021

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